Apologetics Ministry Strategic Overview: Proposal For Discussion Purposes

Early in 2009, while I was working as an internal strategic planning consultant for Cru, I began asking God a new question in prayer. I had a strong interest in apologetics at the time, but was not much involved with apologetics leadership. The question was whether to pursue an initiative to unite strategy with apologetics.

The answer God gave was a resounding “Yes!” Since then I have discovered, obviously enough in retrospect, that I was far from the first person to wonder about strategy and apologetics. I’ve learned a lot from observing others’ strategic successes in the church (I wrote a chapter on one such success, Matthew Burford, in A New Kind of Apologist) and from observing all the questions and answers bubbling up on Facebook and in places like Brian Auten’s Apologetics 315 website.

One question in particular has been asked over and over again: how to get apologetics into the church. In all this time I have yet to see a comprehensive strategy aiming toward that objective, integrating theological, missiological, cultural, and practical concerns in one place, and taking a long-term goal-oriented perspective.

It’s time we did the work to build that strategy. What I mean by that may be unfamiliar to many, so I’m going to lay out an example in the form of several perspectives I think a fully integrated strategy must include.

I. Situational Perspective

II. Theological Perspective

III. Missiological Perspective

IV. Relational Perspective

V. Training Perspective


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