The Christian Leadership Forum

Communication and collaboration for leaders


Western Christianity has never needed so much wisdom.

Christianity has never needed so much rapid-fire knowledge to keep pace with so much tumult.

The Church in the Western world has never needed so much unity.


The Christian Leadership Forum serves the church through online connected

  • Prayer
  • Study
  • Information sharing
  • Strategic planning
  • Training

Provided through

  • An interactive resource library (documents plus discussion)
  • Discussion forums on crucial topics
  • A prayer center

Other features may be added as the need arises; the framework is extremely flexible


Not Facebook. For a Reason.

One way to understand the role this site can play is by asking the question, Why not Facebook? It's a connecting point, too, after all. But Facebook is not designed for doing business as this Forum is.

  • It's hard to imagine anything like a semi-serious  discussion on a focused topic there.
  • It's hard to imagine any church leader looking in on a Facebook group to connect with thought leaders for mutual equipping.
  • >t's really hard to imagine anyone doing an effective search on Facebook to find an answer to a question that was asked a few weeks ago. 
  • It's especially hard to imagine anyone using Facebook as a project management site — which this could be (it has that capacity built into the framework), if members here decided to take up some project together.
  • And Facebook access is only as private and as enduring as Facebook wants it to be. This site is secure and it's in favorable hands.


Private and Public Access

Controlled Access

This site is for Christian leaders only: pastors, educators, analysts, writers, speakers, and other scholars. The access list will be freely accessible at all times so you'll know who you're interacting with.

Private Discussions

Within that limited membership, even more privacy is possible. Want to host a small group discussion? Need to find someone to walk with you through an experience of hard criticism? Have a paper you want to discuss with specialists? All that's easy to arrange.

Controlled Public Information Sharing

Yet the purpose of the site is to equip the body of Christ. Much of the work done here will result in guidance, training, or other information for pastors and leaders everywhere. That's all part of the plan, and it's a simple matter to make individual pages public.

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